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Ticketing Solutions for New & Growing Venues

We give you the patron management tools you need to reach today’s – and tomorrow’s – generation of patrons.

TicketForce offers your patrons a redesigned customer-centric buying, donations, and member experience with our new event branding including video clips, social media sharing, and suggested offerings on every event!

A Fully Integrated Solution

  • A single, dedicated database integrates Memberships, Donations, and all ticketing sales channels - including Web, Facebook, Call Center, Walkup and your fully branded Mobile Ticketing Site.
  • All integrated with Google Analytics, so you can see what’s working, and spend your marketing dollars smarter.
  • Ticketing, Memberships and Donations all managed from a single database – with fully integrated reporting! Who’s giving, buying, and using memberships? Now you know.


  • Sell and renew multiple levels of memberships online
  • Early access for members with one-click login
  • Members-only events, receptions, VIP access
  • MEMAL pricing allows for controlled discounts, lower fees, free tickets - all online


  • Multiple campaigns with photos and descriptions
  • Easily add a donation to a ticket purchase
  • “Round Up” to donate
  • Manage donations to multiple organizations from a single portal

Patron Tools

  • Easily add custom fields to your patron records
  • No configuration needed; just start using the system!
  • Register patrons for classes, seminars, and events
  • Track memberships, donations and ticket purchases on a single record

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Morris Performing Arts Center in South Bend, IN


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