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What Do We Do for Marketing?

We Help You Build Your Tribe.

Anything else and you’re just standing on the sidelines while the other ticketing guys build their tribe with your buyers. And yes – we have the cool stuff too – social tools, fan tools, mobile ticketing. Get more of the stuff you need (and none of the stuff you’ll never use).

  • Interactive, custom website; calendar, widgets, searchable, categories, featured events
  • Online seat selection; reserved & GA maps; dynamic pricing
  • Social tools, sharing, recommend, patron
  • Referral plan – share, get a code, and get rewards
  • Auto-Email responders: event reminders, new patrons, memberships

Here’s How It Works:

  1. Sharon is a first-time buyer on your ticketing site. She quickly signs in with Facebook and a new account is created in your database.
  2. Your custom welcome email is delivered immediately, prompting Sharon to join your fanclub, mailing list, or offering a new patron discount or offer
  3. Sharon completes her purchase and shares it on social media – responding to an offer to get discounts when one of her shares makes a purchase (referral program)
  4. Sharon, now with an account on your system, is all yours to connect with:
    • You control the message and frequency with which she is contacted
    • She is all yours. This isn’t kindergarten - we don’t share your data
    • She loves the personalized and venue-specific emails – not a blast from a ticketing company with events from around her area
    • You track Sharon’s purchases, shares, referrals, and memberships ALL IN ONE PLACE. The patron value report keeps you on top of your top fans

See It in Action:

Buy. Reward. Connect. Reward. Buy. Repeat.

In 2003, Extreme Faith was an upstart production company in the CCM market. No data to speak of, events were promoted with flyers, handouts, and posters.

Founder and owner, Brian Cole, understood the power of building his tribe. Every sale built his patron file. The file got early notices for special on sales and discounts. Never renting a list, Brian knows he has a high engagement rate on his file – nearly everyone has attended his shows – and he continually gets a XX response rate on emails.

Today, 10 years later, Brian’s file is XXX. All he has to do to sell out a show is book a great show and tap into the power of his tribe. Now – they’ve added Facebook ticketing, social sharing and the tribe is doing its thing. Growing. Sharing. Buying.





Morris Performing Arts Center in South Bend, IN


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